How much does through 1.5 aims signify?

What Is Asian Handicap Betting And How It Works

Place your FIRST bet on any Sportsbook market and if it loses we will refund your stake in CASH. Understanding how to read odds is a vital part of sports betting. If you do not know how to read the odds, you will never know if you are getting good value or what your potential returns might be. If there is no clear favourite and the odds are 50/50, the moneyline is displayed as +100.

Using fractional-style odds, an even odds bet would be quoted as 1/1. Fractional-style odds are quoted as a fraction indicating the amount that would be paid out relative to a given stake. Decimal-style odds are quoted as a positive number greater than 1 . Using US-style odds, even odds bets are quoted as +100. Many Asian oriented sportsbook will also quote odds in “Hong Kong” style, “Indonesian” style, and “Malaysian” style formats. In our Bills-Dolphins example, you’d plug 2.6 into the following formula to convert back to American odds.

Whilst over/under 2.5 goals is the most popular of these markets, it is closely followed by over/under 1.5 goals. Steven is the product manager on BettingLounge and enjoys enhancing sporting events through betting for long-term, sustainable profit. This type of bet also splits your bet into two and it is displayed as -0.75 or -0.5,-1. Navigate to the Football section and choose a match you want to place an over/under bet on. Look if the teams ever played against each other before and how those matches ended. Know the form of the teams participating before you place the bet.

If you choose the esports betting operator that is right for you, it should provide you with a wide array of betting options that includes handicap betting. Following the same principle, if you bet on your team with a -1 handicap, they need to win by at least two rounds for you to win your bet. That’s right, two rounds, because you gave them a -1 round before the beginning. This works similar to the “difference” between spreads.

It represents the number of units that would be collected won in excess of the initial stake were the bet to win. Hong Kong-style odds are quoted as a positive number greater than 0 . It represents the number of dollars that would be returned if the bet wins including the initial stake. When quoted as a positive number the odds figure represents the unit amount a player would win were he to risk 100 units. US-style odds are quoted as either a positive or a negative number. Converts odds between US, decimal, fractional, percentage, Hong Kong, Indonesian, and Malay formats.

A loss by exactly one goal results in a void of 100% of the stake. The loss by two or more goal difference means the bet is lost. AH (+0.75) – the bet is won if your team wins or draws the match.

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